Timesplitters (Game)

This article is for the Sony Playstation 2 game, Timesplitters. For other meanings of the phrase, see Timesplitters.

Timesplitters Boxart.jpg

Boxart for European Timesplitters on the Playstation 2
Release Date October 26, 2000 (NA)
November 24, 2000 (PAL)
Platforms Playstation 2
Publisher Eidos Interactive
Playable Modes Deathmatch
Team Deathmatch
Capture the Bag
Playable Characters Available 64
Maps Available 18
Max. Players 4
Developer Free Radical Design
Genre First Person Shooter
Ratings ELSPA: 15+
ESRB: Teen

Timesplitters is the first game in the Timesplitters series. It was released in 2000 worldwide and was only available on the Playstation 2.

[edit] Story Mode

The story mode of the game consists of bringing finding an object and bringing it back to the start point of the level, whilst defeated enemies on the way.

In the game you take control as a different character in each level, and you will usually have more than one character who you can choose from.

The levels in the game are here (time order):

1935 Tomb
1950 Village
1965 Mansion
1970 Chinese
1985 Chemical Plant
2000 Docks
2005 Cyberden
2020 Planet X
2035 Spaceways

More to follow.

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