Time Crystals

Time Crystals
Time Crystals are considered to be the most valuable items in the Timesplitters series. As their name would suggest, they can be used to travel through time and were used during the events of Timesplitters 2 in an attempt to destroy all of humanity. Sergeant Cortez's mission was to collect all of the Time Crystals so that the Timesplitters were made vulnerable and were either stuck in their own time or the time in which they had moved to. During Timespsliters Future Perfect, the Time Crystals were utilised to the human's advantaged and used to the try and stop the creation of the Timesplitters. Jacob Crow uses these Time Crystals in his time travelling device in his search for eternal life, and scavenged them from the island visited by Cortez in Scotland The Brave. By the time the events in Timesplitters Future Perfect had ended, the Time Crystals are destroyed.

Generally speaking, the Time Crystals can be identified by their Emerald coloring, but ones with blue and red colorings are known to exist. Where Cortez manages to steal a raw form of the Time Crystals, Anya believes they were of outer space origin, possibly from a meteor.

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